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Why use Screed?

Screed is becoming increasingly popular whether it be on housing developments, industrial projects or renovations. There's plenty of advantages to using screed as part of whatever solution you are looking with your flooring.


High Quality Installation

Wales & West Screed supply and install fast drying screed with a 72 hour drying time. It is installed in the highest quality possible and provides an incredibly quick turnaround as a flooring solution.


Traditional floor screeds are incredibly adaptive for underfloor heating, and are therefore a versatile solution. They consist of a semi-dry consistency for easy laying and compaction, and are workable for 8-12 hours.


Less Labour Intensive

Liquid screed is a perfect solution for getting work done quicker and more efficiently as installation can be up to 10-20 times faster than other traditional screeding methods.

Stock images sourced from ArtPhoto_studio on FreePik

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