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Microcement is a decorative, composite coating based on cement, water-based resins, additives and mineral pigments. It is an an ideal material for both exterior and interior surfaces; applicable in floors, walls and ceilings.

Key Features

  • Durable - The surface is extremely durable and strong but it retains its elastic properties as it is designed to resist cracking.

  • Versatile - The surface is idea for almost all areas if the existing substrate is sound. The microcement can be placed directly on top of any other surface.

  • Waterproof - The surface is completely waterproof and non-porous so this makes it ideal for wet rooms and bathrooms.

  • Practical- Due to the surfaces ability to be able to apply over other surfaces, this makes it extremely easy to cover over surfaces such as tiles and worktops with minimal disruption.

  • Beautiful- With a product, which offers no joints so the product is seamless. The appearance once it is complete is very much similar to marble or stone.

  • Affordable- Microcement offers you a wide range of possibilities and finishes, where the limitations are applied by you from £55 per squared metre.

Our Microcement Partners and Suppliers


Recent Microcement Projects

Microcement Colours

Microcements can be applied in a wide variety of colours, and thanks to our suppliers we can provide an extensive amount of options to give you the environment you want.

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